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Acting as your trustee – managing wealth for the people you treasure

ICM Wealth are proud to act as a professional, corporate trustee and can establish a trust which is bespoke and configured to meet our clients' personal circumstances and wishes.

A trust is a private arrangement, allowing for privacy, customisation and flexibility. ICM Wealth provides reassurance to our clients that their wealth is being managed by a professional and experienced trustee.

ICM Wealth is the trading name of Inter-Continental Management Limited (ICM) which is licensed by and acts within the regulatory framework of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

Fundamentally, a trust can provide asset protection and succession planning and form a part of our clients’ financial planning for the future.

A trust can have a charitable purpose, hold assets for the benefit of dependants or vulnerable individuals and be used as part of general tax planning.

ICM Wealth has a dedicated team of experienced administrators, bookkeepers and accountants, dedicated to the safe management of our clients’ wealth.

Our services include:

  • the establishment of a trust and the preparation of the trust instruments and documentation
  • day to day management and administration
  • the provision of a licenced, corporate trustee
  • fiduciary and tax compliance services
  • the preparation of financial statements
  • the provision of financial reports

ICM Wealth can provide the class of trust suitable for our clients’ needs, including discretionary trusts, interest in possession trusts, purpose trusts and will trusts.

We manage assets and prosperity that have been generated by successful individuals or that have been developed over generations. We are devoted to the protection and enhancement of this wealth as guardians for the beneficiaries.

ICM Wealth focuses on building a trusted relationship with our clients and is devoted to ensuring that this relationship endures.

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